Handmade Adult Bows
Bows are made from traditional Yew, Ash, Degame and Hickory.
English Two Laminates (£300)
Ash Three Laminate Longbow (£315)
Backed Yew (£420)
Self Yew Replica Bows (£540)

Child Bows
Boys Composite Takedown Bow (£85)
Junior Standard GRP Bow (£50)

Prices on enquiry for the following:
Recurve Bows
Mongolian Replica Bows
American Flat Bows
Hickory Bows
Lemonwood & Hickory
Fruit Woods to Order
Osage Laminated
Re-enactment Bows (with draw weights up to 75lbs and above)
Children’s Bow and Arrow Sets
Bow cases

Standard Arrows are £9 pounds each.

Prices on enquiry for the following special arrows:
Flight Arrows
Medieval Type
Target Arrows in Ash
Scots Pine
American Cedar
Port Orford

Prices on enquiry for the following items:

Arrow Heads
Bronze Age, Roman, Medieval, Tudor, Viking, Native American Indian

Arrowmaking Materials
Fletches, Glues, Horn, Shafts, Piles, Bow Strings, Jigs & Fixtures to allow you to make the arrows of your choice.

Miscellaneous Equipment
Leather Arm Guards
Shooting Gloves
Tabs and Beeswax Polish
Target Bosses and Faces
Safety Nets and Poles

All prices are in UK pounds sterling and are exclusive of VAT, post and packaging

Courier Charges
Courier delivery of bows to the UK – £24
Courier delivery of bows to the USA – £60